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Nine months of cheat days! Whether it's cheating on eating, sleeping or mood swings - everything is officially allowed for a mom-to-be! The only thing not allowed is not looking and feeling stylish. This is exactly what Minal, our founder,  the heart & soul of Uzazi, set out to do with maternity wear. A mission to create maternity wear that is comfortable, stylish & value for money - simple! Now for more than a decade Uzazi has been dressing up moms-to-be with its suitable, sustainable, sensible fashion.


For the New You! Just because you are expecting doesn't mean you give up on your style sense. Whether you're a first-time mom-to-be or are pregnant with your second child (or third or more!), those nine months leading up to birth are an undeniably wondrous and life-changing experience. You are pregnant and you are powerful. You are bold and you are beautiful. Go forward in your boldness, in your beauty and in your contentedness.

Nautilus - our Brand inspiration. Here's why:

The word nautilus is derived from the Greek word ναυτίλος nautílos "sailor."

The chambered nautilus is one of the oldest creatures known to survive in the earth's oceans.  It is a symbol of nature's grace in growth, expansion, and renewal.  

It is also a symbol of order amidst chaos as reflected in its spiral precision. As the nautilus grows, it does so in direct proportion to its needs and with geometric precision.  Its shell is a perfect representation of its past (each previous chamber) and its potential to grow in perfect balance and harmony into its present and future needs.  Just like human beings, the potential for growth and renewal is always naturally present.


Uzazi is an empowered enterprise. Since a woman is the heart & soul of everything we do, we practice it in every step of our production. A women strong enterprise, Uzazi has handheld it's workforce to master the art and craft of creating maternity wear. Right from our designers to seamstresses - our ladies have been trained to understand cutting, stitching, detailing and have truly mastered it so well that they have a tip or two every time a new style is being developed. Uzazi is not only India's first maternity wear brand but also perhaps the only Indian brand with a sunrise to sunset range of complete maternity wear.

Go ahead, shop to your hearts content and Happy Mommyhood to you!

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