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  • Why do I need maternity wear?
    Because who needs an excuse to get new clothes?! We believe your pregnancy is a time when you should feel your very best, and we know how much of that comes through the clothes we wear. Sure, your life (and body) undergoes a lot of change when you are expecting, but that’s no reason to stress out! These changes are just going to make you more stylish, now that you’ve found Uzazi! Go on, have a happy, stylish comfortable pregnancy!
  • How soon should I shop for maternity clothes?
    We say immediately! Our experience says that most moms and dads-to-be cannot wait to start their maternity wear shopping from the moment they hear the good news! Others get by in their own clothes until about three months, but at some point you'll find your lower half gets too big for your current clothing and your upper half will start stretching your tops. As a mom-to-be, we know your top priorities are comfort and style. After all, how is a girl to survive morning sickness when her waistbands are starting to pinch?! All the same, when shopping for the most comfortable and stylish maternity wear is just a click away, why wait?
  • What are the first maternity clothes that I should be buying?
    We suggest that your maternity wear wardrobe should include mix-n-match basics that can be worn together or with other items that you might purchase in the course of your nine months. A few good pairs of neutral and black formal trousers, casual multi-occasions trousers, a couple of skirts and stretch pants should be great choices to begin with. These can be paired with coordinating tops like formal shirts, kurtis, yoga tees, party tops etc. This mantra for maternity clothing can go a long way in giving you a fresh new look and an inner confidence that just adds to your natural glow!
  • How do I know what size I am in maternity clothes?
    Many women make the mistake of thinking that they need to buy bigger sizes when they are pregnant. But we have found a smarter solution. At Uzazi, we scale the clothes to fit your pre-pregnancy size and make necessary adjustments to fit growing bellies and bosoms. This way, pant legs and sleeves still fit to your frame, necklines fall correctly and hemlines are proportionate. With our many different size and style options, get ready to look your best and never worry about clothes being over or under sized!
  • What is so different and special about maternity wear that I can’t do without?
    Try Uzazi on and see for yourself, mommy-to-be! Maternity clothes don't just involve different tailoring but a lot more innovation! Today’s maternity clothing is all about allowing expectant moms to continue with their own style and yet adapt to the growing need for comfort as they progress in their pregnancy. And nowhere else is that more apparent than in the exclusive range of maternity clothes by Uzazi! Our maternity wear is designed with important features such as button-hole elasticized waistbands, belly support, adjustable clothing, stretchable & breathable fabric and nursing openings. We bring you a host of designs that flatter and styles that are especially engineered to accommodate all this - giving our maternity clothing an edge over your normal clothes (or your hubby’s tshirt!), which cannot provide the same options.
  • What is the type of fabric used for maternity wear?
    Ask anyone from Team Uzazi, and they’ll say “The BEST!”. Let us tell you more…The beauty of maternity clothing is the research that goes into making it absolutely comfortable for new mothers. Natural, breathable fabrics suitable for weather in India are predominantly used for our maternity wear. Any fabric blends used to enhance our styles are carefully selected, because our top priority is always your comfort!
  • Why Uzazi?
    Because we understand YOU. Uzazi is India’s favourite brand because we bring you fabulous maternity wear developed in India for India. Our designers specialize in maternity wear (many of them are mothers!) having spent a lot of time understanding pregnancy sizes, sensibilities and needs of Indian women. Our extensive range of dresses, tops, trousers, denims, dungarees, kurtis, long tunic tops, churidars, bottoms, yoga wear, festive wear, nursing wear, night wear and lingerie are created with your needs and moods in mind. And with our attractive new outlet in Camp and the many online shopping options we offer, being pregnant has never been this stylish! Go ahead… pamper yourself, celebrate motherhood with Uzazi!
  • Where can I shop for UZAZI maternity wear in India?
    You can shop for maternity wear in India in one of our outlets or if one is not available in your city, you can shop online for maternity clothes on our website We are also on!
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