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The Story of Nautilus & Uzazi

Mathematicians & Mothers have learned to use Fibonacci’s sequence to describe certain shapes that appear in nature. These shapes are called logarithmic spirals, and Nautilus shells are just one example. You also see logarithmic spiral shapes in spiral galaxies, and in many plants such as sunflowers. Nature forms these spirals in the most efficient way possible, and mathematicians have learned to describe them, using Fibonacci’s sequence.

Leonardo Pisano Bigollo, aka Leonardo of Pisa or sometimes just Fibonacci, is best known in the modern world for spreading the Hindu–Arabic numeral system in Europe. He also introduced the west to what is now called Fibonacci’s number or sequence, which can be used to describe certain shapes found in nature: spiral galaxies, sunflowers, Nautilus shells.
Mothers have been using the Nautilus pattern in their baking, embriodery, art & craft, floor designs (eg rangoli), hair styles & jewellery for centuries!

We at Uzazi are so enchanted by the Nautilus that it adorns our identity, our logo, our color palette & inspires our design styling! 



Why Nautilus: 

Reasons are a many...

  • The Nautilus is the oldest & rarest living fossil and has remained relatively unchanged since the past 450 million years
  • The Nautilus is not just any spiral. Measuring it reveals that it conforms to the shape of the Golden Ratio Spiral, which is known as Sacred Geometry (add image)
  • It is a symbol of strength because it can withstand very high pressures in the ocean due to its amazing structure
  • The shell has many closed interior chambers or compartments, the animal resides in the shell’s largest chamber, while the other chambers function like the ballast tanks of a submarine
  • The Nautilus is known for deflecting negative energies & purifies the surrounding space & attracts loving energies – all good for the Mom-to-be & the baby!
  • The shell is used to assist meditation and invokes calmness, provides strength, balance & renews physical energy -  the right inspiration for a happy pregnancy!

Brand Uzazi

What’s in a Name? Lots actually! Uzazi is Motherhood in Swahili (the East African language), Minal & Xitij Joshi the Co-creators of this brand have been inspired by the beautiful mélange of cultures of India & Africa – one of the oldest civilisations – which have held family, children, parenthood in very high esteem since time immemorial. The fabrics, colors, styling, patterns, embellishments of both these cultures are so distinct & evolved that it struck a chord with Minal, an Engineer by Profession & a Clothier by Passion! Also, Uzazi – tha name has a nice zing to it!

Uzazi is India’s 1st Maternity wear registered Brand since 19.. It is retailed through its flagship stores, Multi-Brand Outlets pan India & Internationally too. Uzazi is online too & available on most popular stores like Amazon, FlipKart, First Cry.

The most striking feature of Uzazi is – 360 degrees maternity wear – from Pre pregnancy to Post Partum, From nightwear to nursing wear, from Formal wear to Function wear & Sports wear to Swim wear, the designers of Uzazi have created an repertoire of styles which are both functional, ultra comfy & stylish.